6 Pack Abs With Six No-Crunch Ab Exercises

1. Planks

The plates are really wonderful. Although people often think of them as abdominal exercises in the first place, they work in multiple muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders, and back muscles. Therefore, and because they do not involve the same flexion as the abdominals, they can sometimes be good exercises for those suffering from back pain.

Plates can also help you improve your posture and increase your flexibility.
Start with a basic plate with your elbows and gradually increase the time you spend in this position.

As you progress, you can try adding plate variations to test your balance and strength.

You can try uneven plates where you rest an elbow on the ground but hold the other side with your hand (imagine a position similar to that of the bottom of an arm flexion).

You can raise an arm or leg, or try the side plates to work other trunk muscles.