2. Cable Exercises

Still, want more exercise to get abs without tightness? Well, the next group of abdominal exercises is incredibly versatile. You’ve probably seen cable machines in your local gym, but you may not know all the ways you can use them to exercise to strengthen your abs and back.

If you place the cable high enough and pull it down and along your body, you can make wooden chops to work your abdominal rectum and obliques. If you place the cable at a low altitude and pull it up and along the body, you can make standing cable lifts to work your muscles differently.

You can also do wired rotations, judo flips, Russian turns, wired abs, knee abs, reverse abs, one-arm wired side push-ups, and more.

When you learn how to operate a cable machine, there is almost no limit to the abdominal and back exercises that can be done.