How to lose weight quickly and well, that is to say naturally and sustainably? It is impossible to give a single answer. Three main pieces of advice are at the origin of most slimming programs but criteria such as experience, motivation, availability, age, gender, and personality impose specific answers when you want to lose weight without medication, without a rigorous diet, and without too much effort.

3 essential tips for losing weight without depriving yourself

THE best diet to lose weight does not exist but the various solutions of to lose weight without dieting or, at least, without depriving oneself excessively and while remaining in good health, are based on 3 simple guidelines acting in synergy. These three tips are to be followed together to lose fat and get closer to your ideal weight. So, what makes you lose weight for sure and in a sustainable way?…

1 You have to enjoy yourself by moving to learn to manage your stress

This first piece of advice is the essential trigger for the weight loss process. Physical activity must be practiced with pleasure in order to burn calories and to reconcile with one’s body by expressing its full potential. The production of endorphins during physical exercise with pleasure, on the one hand, and the regulation of the production of cortisol, the main stress hormone, on the other hand, have a highly favorable effect on weight loss.

According to research published by Harvard Medical School titled “Exercise to Relax” regular exercise of about 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week, depending on intensity, is one of the best ways to manage stress, balance hormones, sleep better, and promote normal metabolic functions such as stabilizing blood sugar. The key is to avoid overtraining and overexerting yourself, which can actually release even more cortisol. Although it temporarily increases adrenaline and cortisol production, exercise usually helps bring cortisol back to normal levels afterward. This cycle helps your body better manage stress and gives your autonomic nervous system, the one that controls your stress and relaxation responses, its own workout. This means that the next time your stress hormones rise due to a perceived threat, you will be able to reduce cortisol levels more easily and unconsciously, as your body will have already become accustomed to it during physical activity. The sport chosen is not important, but it is preferable that it be practiced in a group composed of people with very different physical profiles for the emulation provided, the motivation generated and the well-being felt.

2 We must also eat healthily by avoiding processed products

The second piece of advice concerns the intake of calories and minerals. It is important to have a diet that is certainly low in calories, but above all based on the principles of the Cretan diet and excluding fast sugars. It must be based on unprocessed products from organic agriculture, richer in nutrients and more nourishing than the so-called refined products, but in fact impoverished by the food industry. This dietary program should ideally be based on the advice and follow-up of a qualified professional to avoid losing weight too quickly, which is harmful in the long term.

3 You need to build up your muscles, stretch and massage to increase your metabolism

The third tip ensures long-term physical health. It is advisable to practice specific strength training exercises daily, at moderate intensity without excessive effort at first, in order to get fit, and at high intensity later on, to increase the resting metabolism. In this way, one commits to a healthy and active lifestyle until a very advanced age. The weight training program is a complement to the chosen sport activity. It does not replace it. Stretching and rolling massages facilitate lymphatic and synovial circulation, which helps to stimulate the basal metabolism and reduce chronic pain, such as back pain and arthritis, caused by a sedentary lifestyle.