Are Hip Dips Bad or Normal?

Most people think that hip bends (or a lack of hip bends) are a sign of poor health either you’re too thick or too thin and have a bone deformity.

Neither is true. As we mentioned earlier, the indentation on the side of your hip is nothing more than a product of your bone structure something that can’t be changed, something completely normal.

While hip cuffs aren’t a direct sign of whether you’re healthy or unhealthy, if they’re not visible, it could mean you’ve stored more fat which is an indicator that you’re not in the best shape.
However, do not confuse this with bone structure.

Hip Dips vs Love Handles

Fat pads are located much higher on the body than hip cuffs. It is excess fat on the sides of the abdomen, sometimes referred to as a muffin top.

Unlike the dents on the side of the hip, love handles have nothing to do with the anatomy but are often due to excess body fat.