Hip Dips: How To Get Rid of Them – 8 Exercises That Truly Work

Hip Dips: How To Get Rid of Them – 8 Exercises That Truly Work

Do you have violin hips?

The internet is suddenly obsessed with the gentle bulges below the hip — medically called trochanter depression.

It can be seen everywhere on social media. But what does that mean? Is it sexy? Are they a form of flexor? Defacement of the famous hourglass figure?

You’re not the only one looking for “hip dip exercises” or “how to get rid of hip dips” to try to meet beauty standards. So before you change your training program for the lower body or convulsively search for exercises for a larger butt, you should first take a deep breath.

You’ve come to the right place to get accurate advice.

What Are Hip Dips? What Causes Them?

Hip dents are naturally occurring, inward-facing bulges or indentations just below the hips, on the side of the body. Keyword: naturally occurring.

They are genetic and are caused by the shape of the pelvis (hip bone). As with the abdominal muscles, everyone has a hip dent, but it’s not seen in everyone some have a more pronounced hip dent than others.

But while abdominal muscles are not visible due to abdominal fat, hip cuffs are mostly invisible due to genetic bone structure and a little due to fat and muscle mass.