You’ve heard time and again that physical activity and exercise are good for your health, especially in your 60s.

It is often recommended to make them a part of your lifestyle.

While it’s true that physical activity and regular exercise will help you age better and maintain your independence, some exercises can also be harmful.

With age, your body will change. You may lose some muscle mass, your metabolism slows down, and your balance and stability decrease.

It’s a bigger challenge to stay fit after 60 and maintain the functionality and performance you enjoyed in your 30s and 40s.
If you haven’t moved, you may also feel pain in your lower back, joints, and neck. You may even find it difficult to perform the most common exercises.

If that applies to you, it’s equally important to know which exercises carry higher risk and when to avoid them.

It is just as important to know how to train strength, performance, and mobility without suffering pain and injury.

Here are 4 common exercises that anyone over 60 should avoid, and why.