Everyone who has entered the gym to muscle up understands that to increase muscle mass, you have to gain fat.

This phase is known as the magnification phase.

But there are exercises that will help you increase muscle mass and burn excess fat.

Today I will show you these exercises and tell you how to combine them to get a strong and well-muscled body. 

The best exercises for lean muscles:1. Battle Rope Workout:

Battle Rope Workout

A great exercise in strength and speed.
How many series and rehearsals?
Do 1 series of this exercise.
Do it for two minutes.
Benefits of using the combat rope:
It stimulates the burning of fat layers This exercise burns many calories and accelerates your heart rate, as during a sprint It develops explosive power Improves endurance

2. Dumbbell row:

Dumbbell row

This is a very good exercise for your back.
It is important to keep your back straight when doing this exercise, only the arm moves.
Keep your arm close to your body.
You need to move your arm from the elbow and not from your hand so as not to over-engage your biceps.
Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

3. Incline dumbbell bench press:

dumbbell bench press

This is a great exercise for chest, triceps and deltas. 
Do 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

4. Standing medicine ball throw:

Standing medicine ball throw

This exercise starts with the medicine balloon above your head.
Throw the ball to the ground with a strong and fast motion.
It is an excellent exercise to develop explosive power and stimulate the growth of muscle fibers needed for lean muscles.
Do 5 sets and 10 repetitions.
How to combine the best exercises for lean muscles:First, do the slanted bedding and the row of restless dumbbells between exercises.
Do 15 rehearsals in 3 sets.
Rest of 20 seconds between series.
Then rest for 3 minutes (if you do these crazy series, you deserve it :D) and continue with the throw of medicine-ball standing.
Then rest for about 45 seconds, then 60 seconds after the next set.